AR-001 Opens Airways by Dampening Calcium Signaling

Lung disease states are exacerbated by excessive TMEM16 signaling

Identified in 2008 as the key ion channel that controls calcium flux in the airways and is required for airway smooth muscle contraction1,2
Pharmacologic inhibition3 or genetic deletion4 of TMEM16 leads to profound reduction of both airway tightening & mucus secretion5
TMEM16 inhibitors also block infection by airway viruses6, a major trigger of asthma exacerbations
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Niclosamide Identified as a Potent TMEM16A Inhibitor From a Large Target Based Screen

Nanomolar potency in cell assay;
more potent than benchmark compounds
Niclosamide is top TMEM16A hit
(only approved drug in top hits)
Structure of niclosamide bound to TMEM16A

Y. Cheng et al. (2022) Res Sq doi: 10.21203/ [image shown: internal molecular docking studies of niclosamide binding site on TMEM16A]

Niclosamide Fully Relaxes Airways When β-agonists Don't



Fully Relaxed Airway

Suboptimal Relaxation

AR-001 Works in the Presence of Inflammation

All data from: K. Miner et al. (2019) Frontiers Pharmacol. 10(51), 1-34

AR-001 Works in the Presence of High Contractiles (Carbachol, CCh)