Aeon Respire is Awarded Phase 2 Extension Funding From NIH Fast Track SBIR Award

January 1, 2022. Aeon Respire has been awarded Phase 2 extension SBIR funding from the NIH. This award was contingent on Aeon Respire successfully completing all required dry powder formulation milestones during the Phase 1 period of the SBIR Fast-Track grant entitled “Inhalation Repurposing of An Approved Drug to Treat Severe Asthma”. Phase 2 funding, totaling over $2 million over the next two years, will enable Aeon Respire to execute key manufacturing scale up activities and perform IND-enabling preclinical studies, including airway exposure PK, safety and efficacy evaluation. This award was vetted with rigorous scientific review and Aeon Respire is pleased to receive this support from the NIH and their enthusiasm in our approach. All research funded by the grant will be supported by the National Heart, Lung, And Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number R44HL156372.