Aeon Respire & CritiTech Enter into Strategic Partnership

Dec 30, 2021. Aeon Respire is pleased to announce that it has entered into a strategic drug development collaboration and licensing agreement with CritiTech Particle Engineering Solutions of Lawrence, Kansas (”CritiTech”). Aeon Respire has worked closely with CritiTech to develop a novel dry powder reformulation of niclosamide (“SCP Inhaled Niclosamide”) using CritiTech’s proprietary Supercritical Precipitation Technology, a platform for local, targeted drug delivery. SCP Inhaled Niclosamide has desirable aerodynamic and other physical properties optimized for inhalation delivery to treat severe asthma, COPD, viral infections, including COVID-19, and other respiratory diseases. Pursuant to the collaboration agreement, Aeon Respire has received exclusive rights to the SCP Technology covering the SCP Inhaled Niclosamide, as well access to CritiTech’s exclusive SCP manufacturing capabilities. The collaboration agreement also contains a framework for continued, active scientific collaboration throughout the development of SCP Inhaled Niclosamide.